The use of silk, metal wire or synthetic fibers such as woven materials system, there is uniform and stable surface of the holes, with the role of screening and filtration fabrics for industrial use. Mesh screen name used to head up. Screen specifications are often a number of holes per unit length (mesh) that is also useful to the width of each hole to the express. China's national standards for each hole a few centimeters, said holes such as 20 / cm. Screen is divided into raw materials used by the silk screen, metal wire mesh screen and the three types of synthetic fibers. Silk screen selected according to different size specifications of the mulberry silk yarn with all organizations, semi-hank organization or organizations woven plain weave, woven with the format similar to the mesh cloth. Mesh full hank fewer organizations, heads of a number of long, semi-plain weave yarn or organizations. Silk screen has the standard 4 to 62 holes / cm, most of them used for the screening of the food industry, but also for screening plant wheel emery cloth sand with different thickness. Copper wire with yellow metal mesh, phosphate copper wire, stainless steel wire woven into material. Wire thickness 0.025 millimeters has 0.4 specifications. Most of the use of plain or twill Organize I-shaped. Clear right hole metal sieve, noodle Net-Ping-ting, there is high temperature, wear-resistant properties, corrosion of stainless steel mesh capability also. Therefore, for the powder metal mesh screening and many aspects of滤油. Synthetic nylon or polyester mesh has a wire filament and two brown. Filament with 15 to 30 day single-wire, mesh hole smooth surface, there is in favor of filtering. Hank may be the whole fabric, plain weave, such as mild side, specifications have 19 ~ 104 holes / cm. Net for many silk printing, integrated circuit printed circuit board system to do, but also CRT phosphor can be used for screening and the magnetic tape, such as smaller particles. Brown silk nylon mesh with coarse brown silk as raw material, a diameter of 0.55 ~ 0.1 mm for the plain weave fabric seats shaped many organizations, for the mineral processing, filter paper pulp, such as conveyors. Synthetic fiber mesh with non-rusting, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can replace part of the metal mesh. Is a wire mesh weaving, metal plate punching stretching, through technical methods must create a large mesh product classify.
Screen applications throughout industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense. Technology up to cutting-edge, high-tech industries, down to the clothing, food, housing, cultural life, with the simultaneous development of the national economy, solidarity with the people's livelihood. Mainly used in: Aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing, chemical industry.
Net metal four functions: screen, filter, security, solid.
Screen: mainly used in metallurgy, coal, rubber, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, ceramics, glass and other industries for solid particles, powder, such as screening.
Filter: mainly used in the petroleum industry for Net mud, chemical fiber industry for electroplating and pickling Net filtering liquid gas purification.
Conservation: The main building approved for civil engineering of cement, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence. Machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road network of green belt protection.
Solid: can be used in the construction industry, roads, bridges used for reinforcement and support, such as skeleton. .
According to records containing: Anping Wire Mesh Mingsiao Koji originated in years.
1488: Wong urban and rural counties have woven silk唐贝Romanian village, and to the "Asia Travel Friendship"
1918: Shannon County徐老mountain village tube will be in Japan the introduction of wire mesh Anping production technology and set up the first factory wire.
1928: Anping city has opened its people's livelihood. Yongan No.. No. born.铜罗cover plants, such as No. of Health.
1937: Japanese invasion of China, have been铜罗plant damage.
1949: After the founding of new China, has set up state-owned plant and Chengguan Anping wire drawing.油子. He Chong. Pt 4, collective ownership Qiu Luo plant.
1966: Cultural Revolution, beginning, silk production reduced scale.
1978: Anping wire mesh industry started to recover.
June 24, 1984: <People> first published in Anping wire mesh and the development of a long history of the article, the same year, September 28 <Anping wire mesh town> as the news first television stations in the central, great Anping Wire Mesh enhance the well-known throughout the country.
1985: "1511 looms' transformation marks the ping successful screen production from manual to mechanized production.
1987: Anping wire mesh industry by the National Science and Technology Commission as a major support industries, the state plans to Mars.
September 1991: the first three Anping ---- methylamphetamine-funded enterprises in Anping Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. established. Shuttleless arrows with the introduction of Japan's success looms.
In 1995, the village is filled by (Li Feng), Hebei County will be punching the Net Ping to introduce production technology and developed in Guangzhou, at the same time created the first two:
1: Anping web wire mesh to do the first of the (metal mesh factory Guangzhou Changlong).
Two: Anping the first home computer numerical control punching Net to do business.
May 1996: Hebei Province, the first market in the State Planning Commission approved construction project of 146 million yuan investment ---- World screen to start the construction, which has become the country's largest distribution center wire products.
September 18, 1999: China National Hardware Association awarded Anping Great Hall of the People in Beijing, 'China's Rural screen' honorary title, marking the screen industry to enter a new stage of rapid development.
October 22, 2001: The first China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Fair successfully held in Anping.
Screen Success Ltd. Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province are the longest established largest mesh production and sales enterprises, the predecessor of the origin of Screen Success in "China's Rural screen" and "mesh industry base of China" - Anping. The Company is committed to the production of major fencing wire mesh, shaped network isolation Net, Net framework, building products breeding and at the same time after years of development and expansion of products has been covered to: Punching Net, audio network, the loudspeaker network, noise barriers , sound-absorbing plate, microplate, screen machine, sieve, sieve films retaining block, Net shelves, plastic net, plastic net, plastic net sets, sets of plastic net, anti-theft Net, Net wall, metal wall Nets, aluminum Net, Net fiber glass married, invisible screens, battery Nets, Nets plate, Iron Net, welded wire mesh, plaster mesh, building net, hexagonal, Net hooks, cotton net, the U.S. grid, hexagonal, screw Flower Net, gill nets, with the transmission network, touch Net, Net-type seats, stainless steel wire mesh, copper Net, Net aluminum, nickel, Net, Net stock, air-conditioning filters, nylon mesh (silk printing), metals and other major Net Series Products. Factory was built in 1990, covers an area of 5000 square meters, a strong financial background. Can be customized according to user needs all kinds of wire mesh.
The company's products sell well all over the country, also exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Over the years, the company insist the introduction of high-tech talent, and has a lean, efficient and young professionals. Our company has modern heavy-duty welding machine six Units Net, Net 6000 Nissan welding square meters with advanced production technology, strict management mechanism, and the solid strength of the development of innovative, new and old has won the trust and appreciation of clients. Always: "quality, credibility first" principle, has severe test of the market, after almost two decades of operation and development, improvement of the expansion of factory scale.
  筛网应用领域遍布工业、农业、科技、国防。上至科技尖端,高新产业,下至衣食住行,学问生活,与国民经济同步发展,与国计民生休戚相干。 首要应用在:航空、航天、印刷、印染、电子、采矿、制药、粮食、食品加工、化工。
  广州市胜利筛网有限企业是广东省内成立时间最久规模最大的筛网生产销售企业,胜利筛网前身起源于“中国丝网之乡”和“中国丝网产业基地”—安平。本企业是专业致力于生产护栏网、异形网、隔离网、框架网、建筑养殖等系列产品,同时经过多年的发展壮大生产的产品已涵盖到:冲孔网、音响网、喇叭网、隔音板、吸音板、微孔板、机筛网、筛板、筛片护拦网、货架网、塑料网、塑胶网、套塑网、套胶网、防盗网、围墙网、金属围墙网、铝板网、玻缡纤维网、隐形窗纱、电池网、钢板网、铁艺网、电焊网、批荡筛网、建筑用网、六角网、勾网、轧花网、美格网、六角网、拧花网、刺网、传送网带、碰网、席型网、不锈钢网、铜网、铝网、镍网、合股网、空调过滤网、尼龙网(印刷丝绢)、金属网等各大系列产品。 本厂始建于1990年,占地5000平米,资金雄厚。可按照用户需求订做各种规格的丝网。
  本企业产品畅销全国各地,还远销欧美、东南亚及港台地区。多年来,本企业坚持引进高科技人才,并拥有了一支精干 、高效、年轻的专业人才团体。本厂拥有先进的重型焊网机六台,日产焊网6000平米,凭借先进的生产工艺、严刻的办理机制、和雄厚的开发创新实力,赢得了新老客户的信赖和赞赏。始终以:“质量上乘,信誉至上”为原则,历经了市场严峻的考验,经过近两十年的经营和发展,本厂规模逐渐健全扩大。