Rotary vibration sieve outlined
Rotary vibration sieve is a kind of high-precision powder screening machine, and its low noise, high efficiency, Net Express takes 3-5 minutes for the whole closed structure, applied to tablets, powder, mucus, such as screening filter materials. Rotary vibration sieve by the motor for vertical excitation source, the electrical upper and lower ends of the installation have eccentric weights, will be the rotation of motor sports into a horizontal, vertical, inclined three-sport, and then passed to the screen in this sports Noodles . Adjust the upper and lower ends of the phase angle, can change the material in the sieve surface trajectories.
Vibration characteristics of rotary screen
☆ high efficiency, compact design and durability, and any type of powder, mucus can be sieving.
☆ Net for easy, simple operation, convenient cleaning.
☆ do not mesh plug, powder is not filled, can be screened to 500 head or 0.028mm.
☆ impurities, coarse material automatically discharged, can be continuous operation.
Applicable industry
Chemical industry: Resin, paint, industrial medicine, cosmetics, paints, in powder, medicine, plastics, rubber and so on.
The food industry: powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, powdered milk, soybean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, juice and so on.
Abrasive, glass, ceramics industries: silica sand, alumina, abrasive powder, glass, refractories, etc..
Metals, metallurgical industries: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore alloy powder, welding rod powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electric magnetic materials, grinding powder, refractories, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy carbonate calcium, such as quartz sand.
Pollution treatment: waste oil, waste water, dyeing and finishing wastewater, additives, activated carbon characteristics.
Others: carbon black, light calcium, additives, pearl powder.
The use of rotary vibration sieve specification information

The role and the principle of
The basic principles of the Department of Motor Borrow shaft installed on the bottom of a heavy hammer (uneven Heng heavy hammer), the rotation of motor sport will be transformed into horizontal, vertical, inclined three-sport, and then communicated to the sports screen surface. If the change in weights up and down the Department of the phase angle of the road can change the direction of raw materials.
Features ☆ ☆
1) unique mesh design, convenient and rapid replacement of screen (needs 5-10 minutes), in addition to such design
Permit the use of mesh (nylon, special long, PP Net).
2) screen design; compact and easy to assemble, one person can operate machine.
3) and other related brands comparison, a larger filter area and high efficiency of processing power.
4) the parent fully support Net Net fine, so fine-Net can be an exclusive right of a longer life expectancy, and reduce the use of fine-Net supplies, deposition time of the production process can reduce a lot of cost.
Technical parameters of rotary vibration sieve
Model specifications noodle sieve sieve sieve size noodle layers handle the volume of feed particle size motor power dual amplitude vibration frequency
ZSG1237 1200 * 3700 1 4-50 200 10-80 5.5 * 2 960 4-8
2ZSG1237 1200 * 3700 2 4-50 200 10-80 5.5 * 2 960 4-8
2YZS1548 4800 * 1500 2 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9
3YZS1548 4800 * 1500 3 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9
2YZS1848 4800 * 1800 2 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9
3YZS1848 4800 * 1600 3 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9
2YZS1860 6000 * 1800 2 3-100 400 65-586 22 870 5-9
3YZS1860 6000 * 1860 3 3-100 400 65-586 22-30 870 5-9
2YZS2160 6000 * 2100 2 3-100 400 81-720 30 730 5-9
3YZS2160 6000 * 2100 3 3-100 400 81-720 30-37 730 5-9
2YZS2460 6000 * 2400 2 3-150 400 100-810 37 770 5-9
Electrical Usage:
This series of motors to meet the following conditions when continuous output rated excitation.
1, vibration acceleration: no more than 7g (g: acceleration due to gravity)
2, ambient temperature: not more than 40 ℃
3, above sea level: not exceed 1000m
4, power supply frequency: 50Hz
5, voltage: 380V
Preparation before installation
1, check whether the motor signs in line with the requirements.
2, using 500-volt megohm insulation resistance measurement table, and its value to deal with stator windings drying treatment, drying temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.
3, inspection of all electrical fasteners, to guard against loosening.
4, check whether the damage to the electrical surface deformation.
5, check whether the rotating flexible, if abnormal, should be excluded.
6, check power supply, whether the lack of phase, and no-load operation of 5 minutes.
Installation and adjustment
1, the electrical be fasteners at the installation level, the installation must be smooth and flat.
2, the level of motor can be installed.
3, the electrical lead-core rubber cable using four YZ-500V, then the power cable is not allowed when there is urgency pinout folding and reliable fixed-body vibration.
4, the electrical grounding should be reliable, there is within the electrical grounding device, lead client has signs at the end of the foot can also make use of a solid grounding bolt.
5, the adjustment of excitation force.
Use and maintenance
1, the machine should be installed in the electrical protection device.
2, the machine is running early, check every day for at least one anchor bolts to prevent loosening.
3, when the motor rotation direction inconsistent with the requirements, you can adjust the power phase sequence.
4, the electrical should guarantee good lubrication, each running about two weeks to add lithium-based grease (ZL-3) once, come on, through the oil cups add appropriate amount of lithium-based grease. When the use of sealed bearings, the motor is not installed on the oil cup.
5, the machine is running a total of 1500 hours, they should check the bearings, if serious injury should be immediately replaced.
6, the local parking again after a longer period of time when used in insulation resistance should be measured for the 500-volt megohm table measurements, should be larger than 0.5 megohm.
Routine maintenance
1, start before:
(1) Inspection of rough and fine Net Net availability of breakage
(2) whether each group of Beam Central locking
2, start at:
(1) watch for abnormal noise
(2) whether the current stability
(3) whether the vibration异状
3, use: that is, each time after use clean up.
Regular maintenance
Net regular inspection of rough, small networks and the availability of spring fatigue and damage, whether the various parts of the airframe vibration caused damage, need to add lubricants lubrication parts must come on.
Rotary vibration sieve classification
1, in accordance with the vibration of rotary vibration sieve different design and is divided into:
A. Standard rotary vibration sieve: apply to all kinds of dry and wet sieving materials.
B. Strong vibration shaker efficient: strong vibration mode rotary vibration sieve is the standard type rotary vibration sieve vibration acceleration of 2-4 times the material in the screening process, to ensure that the same models can be produced by 2-4 times.
2, according to user needs can be divided into different gate-type rotary vibration sieve, add fate-type rotary vibration sieve to produce materials for stainless steel and carbon steel many.
3, according to the specific needs of screening material, rotary vibration sieve can be divided into one, two, three, four type rotary vibration sieve.
Vibration characteristics of rotary screen talent
Screening of the most extensive - only series of three million vibration screening filter function of sorting such a wide range of raw materials: any particle, powder, slurry can be screened. Sieving to 500 heads of small (28 micron) filter as small as 5 microns can also be highly efficient filter screen. Anti-mesh plug - three million vibration function and design of the Company to remove the released blocking devices put blocking Net Net minimize chances. Single-layer or multi-layer sorting - each series Screener filter optional one to five-story screen that can simultaneously Level 2-6 sorting or filtering. Accurate and efficient screening - all into the machine auto-emissions materials, machine no deposit material. The same sieve screen surface TS machines than other types of screening machines have greater capacity. Development of the Company's latest patent holder body Solid mesh structure so that from the plane containing material on the sieve sieve under物percentage than any other type of machine for small. Easy replacement of screen mesh filter series, according to the different needs of a variety of network structure; put the replacement of one of a kind of screen time dropped from 3 to 5 minutes, than other types of screening machines to save 30 ~ 60 minutes. Mesh live longer, more efficient. Vibration-free mechanical conduction Series screening of the new filter vibration vibration generated by the three million strong and smooth, equipment can be installed to any desired location and user-friendly mobile. Economic environmental protection - machine, screen long life, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs, high efficiency and easy replacement of features such as cost-effective equipment. Low noise, all closed, highlighting the environmental performance.
[Edit this paragraph] the impact of vibration rotation Screening factor
① the scope of appropriate particle size, material close to the boundaries of the particle size the more the more difficult when the diameter of separation;
② material moisture content increased, viscosity increase, easy to plug into a corporation or sieve;
③ particle shape, density, materials, screening is not easy;
④ screening device parameters.
  ☆ 效率高、设计精巧耐用,任何粉类、粘液均可筛分。
  ☆ 换网容易、操纵简单、清洗方便。
  ☆ 网孔不堵塞、粉末不飞扬、可筛至500目或0.028mm。
  ☆ 杂质、粗料自动排出,可以连续作业。
  ☆ 特点 ☆
  1)独特之筛网结构设计,方便和快速更换筛网 ( 之需5到10分钟 ) ,此外此种设计
  允许使用各种筛网 ( 尼龙、特种龙、PP网 )。
  4)其母网完全支撑细网,因此细网可独得较长之寿命,而降低细网耗材使用,淤长时间 之生产过程可降低诸多成本。
  型号 筛面规格 筛面层数 筛孔尺寸 进料粒度 处理量 电机功率 振动频率 双振幅
  ZSG1237 1200*3700 1 4-50 200 10-80 5.5*2 960 4-8
  2ZSG1237 1200*3700 2 4-50 200 10-80 5.5*2 960 4-8
  2YZS1548 4800*1500 2 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9
  3YZS1548 4800*1500 3 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9
  2YZS1848 4800*1800 2 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9
  3YZS1848 4800*1600 3 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9
  2YZS1860 6000*1800 2 3-100 400 65-586 22 870 5-9
  3YZS1860 6000*1860 3 3-100 400 65-586 22-30 870 5-9
  2YZS2160 6000*2100 2 3-100 400 81-720 30 730 5-9
  3YZS2160 6000*2100 3 3-100 400 81-720 30-37 730 5-9
  2YZS2460 6000*2400 2 3-150 400 100-810 37 770 5-9
  筛选范围最广--只有系列三次元振动筛分·过滤机能分选如此广的原料范围:任何颗粒、细粉、浆液都可以筛选。筛分小到500目(28微米),过滤小到5微米也可高效筛分过滤。 网孔防堵塞--三次元振动功能及本企业设计的自动清理放堵网装置把堵网几率降到最小。 单层或多层分选--每台系列筛分·过滤机可选一至五层筛网,能同时实行二到六个等级的分选或过滤。 高效率精确筛选--所有进机物料自动排放,机内无存料。同等筛面TS筛机比其他类型筛机有更大容量。本企业研制的最新专利结构筛网固持体使排出机外的筛上物料含筛下物的百分比,比其它类型机为小。 筛网更换便捷系列筛分·过滤机据不同需要有多种网架结构;其中一种把更换筛网的时间降到3~5分钟,比其他类型筛机节约30~60分钟。筛网寿命更长,效率更高。 振动无机械传导系列筛分·过滤机的新型振动源产生的三次元振动强大而平稳,设备可安装到任何所需位置且便于移动。 经济环保--整机、筛网寿命长,能耗低、维修费用低,效率高及便于更换等特点使设备经济实惠。低噪音、全封闭,环保性能突出。