Vibrating Screen overview
Mainly divided into linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen
Shaker known alias: Vibration three-screen filter - vibration sifter - rotary vibration sieve machine - vibration sieve - sieve oscillation - vibration sieve machine - Coscinodiscus - Circular Vibrating Screen
Circular Vibrating Screen trajectories呈圆weeks to do a round circular sieve vibration exercise is a multi-number, and efficient new shaker. Circular Vibrating Screen using cylinder-type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block conditioning amplitude, long Dayantang sieve materials, many screening specifications, are designed for quarry screening material stone design is also available for mining, coal preparation, mineral processing , building materials, electricity and chemical products sector classification for use, reliable structure, strong vibration, high screening efficiency, vibration noise
Yin, sturdiness and durability, easy maintenance, the use of security and so on.
ZSG, YZS family circle is a highly efficient vibration sieve shaker. Suitable quarry aggregate screening, but also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industry classification used for products.
Vibrating Screen Classification
Then there are those who vibration screening equipment and specific classification?
Vibration screening equipment can be divided into use by weight: Mine shaker, light fine shaker, experimental vibration sieve machine
Mine shaker can be divided into: heavy and efficient screening, self-center shaker oval shaker, sieve dehydration, round vibration sieve, bananas sieve, such as linear vibrating screen
Fine light shaker can be divided into: rotary vibration sieve, linear sieve, sieve-line, ultrasonic vibrating screen, filter sieve shaker, such as reference series
Experimental shaker: Rattling screen, the top hit-type vibration sieve machine, the standard test sieve, electric machine vibration, etc. Please refer to the experimental equipment
Of course, this classification is also not the most scientific, it was also suggested that the materials in accordance with the shaker run trajectory classification, easy to do under my are for reference only:
By straight-line trajectories of points: a straight line vibrating screen (sieve material at the surface of a straight line forward to do sports)
By the circular trajectory points: Circular vibration sieve (sieve at the surface of materials to do a circular motion)
[Edit this paragraph] Vibrating Screen Working Principle
Shaker job, the two-motor synchronous reverse rotation so that the reverse exciter excitation force generated to force the screen to do screen Driven vertical body exercise, it on materials subject to the periodic excitation force to move out a range, materials to complete the screening operation. Suitable quarry aggregate screening, but also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industry classification used for products.
[Edit this paragraph] Vibrating Screen Working Features:
① used as the excitation force eccentric block, excitation power.
② sieve and the sieve box beams using high strength bolts, simple structure, convenient repair;
③ Tires coupling, flexible connectivity, smooth operation;
④ the use of small amplitude, high frequency, large angle structure, so that it Screener high efficiency, deal with the largest, long life, low power consumption, noise
According to screening mechanical structure and working principle generally have the following categories:
(1) a fixed part of screening job fixed by material sliding along the face of screening materials. Fixed grid sieve concentrator applications are at a more generally used for rough or broken pieces of the pre-screening before. Its simple structure, convenient manufacture. Do not consume power, can be directly put to the sieve surface ore unloading. The main disadvantage is the low productivity, inefficient screening, generally only 50-60%.
(2) roller screen face are arranged by the horizontal axis of a root consisting of rolling, there is a plate-axis, fine-grained material from the roller or plate through the gap between. Bulk materials Driven by the roller to the end of the mobile and discharged from the terminal. Concentrator general rarely use such a sieve.
(3) cylindrical sieve for the cylindrical part of job, the whole screen around the cylinder axis of rotation, the axis generally downloaded into a little dip. Materials from one end of cylinder to give, fine level of materials from the cylindrical surface of the sieve through the job, coarse-grained material from the cylinder from the other end. Sieve cylinder low speed, steady job, a good power balance. But its easy to plug the sieve, screening low efficiency, the work of small size, low productivity. Concentrator rarely use it to make a screening device.
(4) flat screen body is a sport plane swing or vibration. Their plane trajectories are divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptical exercise and sports complex. Sieve shaker shaking and belong to this category.
[Edit this paragraph] the scope of application of shaker
Widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical industry.
Linear vibrating screen is stable and reliable, less consumption, low noise, long life, vibration-type steady, screening and high efficiency.
Linear Vibrating Screen Working Principle: ZSG Series Vibrating Screen work, reverse two-motor synchronous exciter have placed so that the reverse excitation and forced to do mesh sieve Driven vertical body movement, on the material by its excitation and cyclical move out a range of materials to complete the screening operation.
Shake the sieve is crank connecting rod mechanism as transmission components. Motor Driven through the belt and pulley eccentric rotary shaft, connecting rod borrow so must the body down the direction for reciprocating motion. Sports body or the direction perpendicular to the strut centerline of the hanging rod, because the body of the sport swing, so that the surface of the sieve material to a certain speed to the mobile client nesting, material screening at the same time.
Shake the sieve with the sieve of several compared to productivity and higher screening efficiency. Its disadvantage is the bad balance of power. Concentrator is now rarely use it, the structure was more reasonable to replace the vibrating screen.
Shaker concentrator applications at the most, according to their different transmission mechanism, but also can be divided into the following categories: Eccentric Vibrating Screen, Vibrating Screen inertia, self-center shaker, sieve resonance.
Parameters shaker table
Model specification screen surface (mm) sieve size screen surface layers (mm) feed size (mm) capacity (T) dual-frequency electric power amplitude (mm)
ZSG1237 1200 * 3700 1 4-50 200 10-80 5.5 * 2 960 4-8
2ZSG1237 1200 * 3700 2 4-50 200 10-80 5.5 * 2 960 4-8
2YZS1548 4800 * 1500 2 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9
3YZS1548 4800 * 1500 3 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9
2YZS1848 4800 * 1800 2 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9
3YZS1848 4800 * 1600 3 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9
2YZS1860 6000 * 1800 2 3-100 400 65-586 22 870 5-9
3YZS1860 6000 * 1860 3 3-100 400 65-586 22-30 870 5-9
2YZS2160 6000 * 2100 2 3-100 400 81-720 30 730 5-9
3YZS2160 6000 * 2100 3 3-100 400 81-720 30-37 730 5-9
2YZS2460 6000 * 2400 2 3-150 400 100-810 37 770 5-9
Model screen surface diameter (mm) mesh sieve layers Size (mesh) Motor Power (kw) vibration frequency
HH-400 400 1-4 5-350 0.18 1374
HH-600 600 1-4 5-350 0.55 1401
HH-800 800 1-4 5-350 0.75 1420
HH-1000 1000 1-4 5-350 1.1 1446
HH-1200 1200 1-4 5-350 1.5 1461
HH-1500 1500 1-4 5-350 2.2 1444
1) unique mesh design, convenient and rapid replacement of screen (only 3-5 minutes), in addition to such design
Permit the use of mesh (nylon, special long, PP Net).
2) screen design; compact and easy to assemble, one person can operate machine.
3) and other related brands comparison, a larger filter area and high efficiency of processing power.
4) the parent fully support Net Net fine, so fine-Net can be an exclusive right of a longer life expectancy, and reduce the use of fine-Net supplies, deposition time of the production process can reduce a lot of cost.
The role and principles of:
The basic principles of the Department of Motor Borrow shaft installed on the bottom of a heavy hammer (Heng uneven weight), the rotation of motor sport will be transformed into horizontal, vertical, inclined three-sport, and then communicated to the sports screen surface. If the change in weights up and down the Department of the phase angle of the road can change the direction of raw materials.
Electrical Usage:
This series of motors to meet the following conditions when continuous output rated excitation.
1, vibration acceleration: no more than 7g (g: acceleration due to gravity)
2, ambient temperature: not more than 40 ℃
3, above sea level: not exceed 1000m
4, power supply frequency: 50Hz
5, voltage: 380V
6, the temperature rise: less than 80K (resistance method)
Preparation before installation
1, check whether the motor signs in line with the requirements.
2, using 500-volt megohm insulation resistance measurement table, and its value to deal with stator windings drying treatment, drying temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.
3, inspection of all electrical fasteners, to guard against loosening.
4, check whether the damage to the electrical surface deformation.
5, check whether the rotating flexible, if abnormal, should be excluded.
6, check power supply, whether the lack of phase, and no-load operation of 5 minutes.
Installation and adjustment
1, the electrical be fasteners at the installation level, the installation must be smooth and flat.
2, the level of motor can be installed.
3, the electrical lead-core rubber cable using four YZ-500V, then the power cable is not allowed when there is urgency pinout folding and reliable fixed-body vibration.
4, the electrical grounding should be reliable, there is within the electrical grounding device, lead client has signs at the end of the foot can also make use of a solid grounding bolt.
5, the adjustment of excitation force.
Use and maintenance
1, the machine should be installed in the electrical protection device.
2, the machine is running early, check every day for at least one anchor bolts to prevent loosening.
3, when the motor rotation direction inconsistent with the requirements, you can adjust the power phase sequence.
4, the electrical should guarantee good lubrication, each running about two weeks to add lithium-based grease (ZL-3) once, come on, through the oil cups add appropriate amount of lithium-based grease. When the use of sealed bearings, the motor is not installed on the oil cup.
5, the machine is running a total of 1500 hours, they should check the bearings, if serious injury should be immediately replaced.
6, the local parking again after a longer period of time when used in insulation resistance should be measured for the 500-volt megohm table measurements, should be larger than 0.5 megohm.
Routine maintenance
1, start before:
(1) Inspection of rough and fine Net Net availability of breakage
(2) whether each group of Beam Central locking
2, start at:
(1) watch for abnormal noise
(2) whether the current stability
(3) whether the vibration异状
3, use: that is, each time after use clean up.
Regular maintenance
Net regular inspection of rough, small networks and the availability of spring fatigue and damage, whether the various parts of the airframe vibration caused damage, need to add lubricants lubrication parts must come on.
Vibration: With the model specification screen surface sieve size screen surface layers handle the volume of feed particle size motor power dual amplitude vibration frequency of these data, allowing the search of the person vibration sieve has a more profound understanding.
Three major functions:
Screener: can put particle, powder particles of different sizes are divided into paragraphs. Single雷诚vibration screening machines can be equipped to 5-storey screen, can continuous sub-selected grain size 2-6 months and to control the scope of the smaller particle size.
Impurity: high-performance machine at high flow treatment process, to quickly clear the low percentage of large particles or small particles.
Slag liquid separation: Vibration sieving function of the different types of non-serous insoluble solids rapid clearance, and continuous slagging.
The impact of vibration factors Screening
① the scope of appropriate particle size, material close to the boundaries of the particle size the more the more difficult when the diameter of separation;
② material moisture content increased, viscosity increase, easy to plug into a corporation or sieve;
③ particle shape, density, materials, screening is not easy;
④ screening device parameters.
Vibrating Screen Common Faults and troubleshooting methods:
1, the electrical switch to an adverse action
3, raw materials can not be automatically discharged
4, small Netease damaged
5, stainless steel frame export dehiscence
Countermeasures Test Item
(1) Make sure the power switch to open @
(2) less than the length of cable to enable cable-for-bad @
(3) whether the cable for cable disconnected @
(4) one-way dynamic turn coil for motor burned @
(5) injection of excessive lubricants @ continuous operation
(1) not locking screw ring beam; @ locking nut
(2) beam is not safe chimeric @ Central locking nut copper
(3) Base Units instability @ stable base
(4) spring broken @ replacement spring
(5) body contact with other hardware @ set aside space for about l0 cm
(6) electrical steel screws loose @ determine locking
(7) with its mouth nesting material so that it does not contact contact @
(1) motor running the wrong direction @ replacement power cord contact order
(2) the angle between upper and lower eccentric block is too large so that the angle @ is less than 90 degrees
(3) upper and lower eccentric block device error @ re eccentric eccentric block light up at the next block
(1) Net direct impact of raw materials Noodles @ switch buffers
(2) fine-Net is not taut @ re-replacement
(3) Net has rough coarse replacement of damaged @ Net
(4) wear thin rubber pad @ replacement
(1) convergence of pipes or heavy weights hanging @ export isolation
(2) there is no uniform locking ring beam @ locking ring beam
Seven, mechanical maintenance
※ routine maintenance:
1, before: (A) Inspection of rough and fine Nets Nets damaged whether or not (B) whether each group of Beam Central locking
2, start at: (A) pay attention to whether the abnormal noise (B) the stability of power supply (c) whether the vibration异状
3, use: that is, each time after use clean ※ regular maintenance:
1, regular checks whether thickness Nets and spring fatigue and damage, whether the various parts of the airframe resulting from damage due to vibration.
2, motor running about two weeks, must be timely to add a lithium-based grease (ZL 1 3). L500 accumulated running hours, check the bearings, if damaged replace immediately.
※ Special Note
Any calls / letter inquiries about the DH series of three million vibration screening filter information, please also provide the following information to your query to make prompt and accurate reply.
(1) need to deal with raw materials: the name of size structure of the proportion of water content the viscosity temperature other
(2) the purpose of: Whole grade filter go miscellaneous other
(3) handling capacity: kg / hour liter / hr
(4) Screen Size (mesh or pore size) and screening series
(5) job running time
(6) Other special requirements: such as: temperature, resistance and other media.
Vibrating screen applications in the pharmaceutical industry need to pay attention to
Pharmaceutical industry and people's health is closely linked with the relationship between the country so the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry is very stringent,
Pharmaceutical industry for screening materials are also very stringent requirements are the most basic use of the pharmaceutical industry equipment vibration screening materials must be 304 or even 316 stainless steel material, not allowed to have contact with some material contamination, so rubber fittings, etc. must also be achieved food grade hygiene standard (silica gel), and the pharmaceutical industry require the screening equipment used for GMP production standards must be adopted. Shaker used in the pharmaceutical area, has a very stringent requirements on the pharmaceutical industry must meet the GMP production standards, this relation is called through the sieve of medicines will be contaminated.
In fact, as a screening machine is not complex, the so-called GMP standards, in fact, on at material must be 304 stainless steel, in the rubber pieces on the selection, we must select Pharmaceutical Grade, equipment must be polished inside and outside, no black spots No glitches.

振动筛概述  首要分为直线振动筛、圆振动筛










































  (1)固定筛 劳动局部固定不动,靠物料沿劳动面滑动而使物料得到筛分。固定格筛是在选矿厂应用较多的一种,一般用于粗碎或中碎之前的预先筛分。它结构简单,制造方便。不耗动力、可以直接把矿石卸到筛面上。首要缺点是生产率低、筛分效率低,一般只有50—60%。


  (2)滚轴筛 劳动面是由横向排列的一根根滚动轴构成的,轴上有盘子,细粒物料就从滚轴或盘子间的缝隙经过。大块物料由滚轴带动向一端移动并从末端排出。选矿厂一般很少用这种筛子。


  (3)圆筒筛 劳动局部为圆筒形,整个筛子绕筒体轴线回转,轴线在一般情况下装成不大的倾角。物料从圆筒的一端给入,细级别物料从筒形劳动表面的筛孔经过,粗粒物料从圆筒的另一端排出。圆筒筛的转速很低、劳动平稳、动力平衡好。但是其筛孔易堵塞、筛分效率低,劳动面积小,生产率低。选矿厂很少用它来作筛分设备。


  (4)平面运动筛 机体是一个平面内摆动或振动。按其平面运动轨迹又分为直线运动、圆周运动、椭圆运动和复杂运动。摇动筛和振动筛属于这一类。
















  型号 筛面规格(mm) 筛面层数 筛孔尺寸(mm) 进料粒度(mm) 处理量(T) 电机功率 振动频率 双振幅(mm)


  ZSG1237 1200*3700 1 4-50 200 10-80 5.5*2 960 4-8


  2ZSG1237 1200*3700 2 4-50 200 10-80 5.5*2 960 4-8


  2YZS1548 4800*1500 2 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9


  3YZS1548 4800*1500 3 3-100 400 30-275 15 870 5-9


  2YZS1848 4800*1800 2 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9


  3YZS1848 4800*1600 3 3-100 400 56-330 18.5 870 5-9


  2YZS1860 6000*1800 2 3-100 400 65-586 22 870 5-9


  3YZS1860 6000*1860 3 3-100 400 65-586 22-30 870 5-9


  2YZS2160 6000*2100 2 3-100 400 81-720 30 730 5-9


  3YZS2160 6000*2100 3 3-100 400 81-720 30-37 730 5-9


  2YZS2460 6000*2400 2 3-150 400 100-810 37 770 5-9




  型号 筛面直径(mm) 筛网层数 筛孔尺寸(目) 电机功率(kw) 振动频率


  HH-400 400 1-4 5-350 0.18 1374


  HH-600 600 1-4 5-350 0.55 1401


  HH-800 800 1-4 5-350 0.75 1420


  HH-1000 1000 1-4 5-350 1.1 1446


  HH-1200 1200 1-4 5-350 1.5 1461


  HH-1500 1500 1-4 5-350 2.2 1444



  1)独特之筛网结构设计,方便和快速更换筛网 ( 只需3到5分钟 ) ,此外此种设计


  允许使用各种筛网 ( 尼龙、特种龙、PP网 )。






  4)其母网完全支撑细网,因此细网可独得较长之寿命,而降低细网耗材使用,淤长时间 之生产过程可降低诸多成本。




















































































  振动:有了型号 筛面规格 筛面层数 筛孔尺寸 进料粒度 处理量 电机功率 振动频率 双振幅这些数据,可以让搜索震动筛的人有更深刻的了解。
































  检验项目 方法


  (1)确认电源 @打开开关


  (2)电缆线长度不足使接触不良 @换电缆线


  (3)电缆是否断线 @换电缆线


  (4)单向动转而线圈烧掉 @换电机


  (5)注入过多润滑油 @持续运转


  (1)束环螺丝未锁紧 ; @锁紧螺母


  (2)束环未平安嵌合 @锁紧铜螺母


  (3)基台不稳定 @稳定基台


  (4)弹簧断掉 @更换弹簧


  (5)机体与其它硬体接触 @挪出空间约l0公分


  (6)电机合金钢螺丝松脱 @确定锁紧


  (7)排料口与它物接触 @使其不接触


  (1)电机运转方向错误 @更换电源线接触顺序


  (2)上下偏心块的夹角过大 @使角度小于90度


  (3)上下偏心块装置错误 @重偏心块在上轻偏心块在下


  (1)原料直接冲击网面 @改用缓冲器


  (2)细网没有拉紧 @重新更换


  (3)粗网已破损 @更换粗网


  (4)橡皮胶垫磨薄 @更换


  (1)衔接过重之管或吊重物 @使出口隔离


  (2)束环没有均匀锁紧 @锁紧束环




  ※ 日常保养:
















  (1)需处理原料:名称 粒度结构 比重 含水量 粘度 温度 其他


  (2)使用之目的:去杂 过滤 分级 整粒 其他


  (3)处理量:公斤/小时 公升/小时